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Based in Edinburgh, the Scottish capital, we are a specialist team of application and software developers focused on the very latest development stacks like React, Node JS and GraphQL. As well as developing our own internal specialised products we also utilise our in depth knowledge to assist small to medium sized businesses in taking their own ideas and transforming them into reality. Our range of expertise encompasses modern web stacks and technologies, backend and API development, database development and mobile application development.

We are always seeking out interesting and novel projects to work on and are available to work with clients remotely on a per project or longer term retainer/partnership basis. If you have such a requirement or just want to see if we can be of help then we would love to hear from you.

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We can assist in turning ideas on paper into working prototypes on a live tech stack ready to move into production and help design and develop full production ready scale-able apps.

Mobile Applications

We can develop native as well as non-native performant mobile applications on both IOS and Android. We can also manage deployment as well as updates and enhancements to existing mobile code bases.


We can design and implement custom API and data services in Java, NodeJS or Python and hook up an appropriate data store in the cloud or on premises, whichever best suits your requirements.


Performance optimisation and implementation of best practice for backend and frontend javascript and web applications, database, data and service optimisation.


Let's do more together

If you have a product or app that you want to move from idea to reality then we believe we might be able to help you.

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